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Our services

In the field of diving work / underwater works we distinguish between inshore and offshore. 

Offshore diving operations are carried out as generally known to drilling or Pipeline's or saturation diving. This type of work requires an advanced specialized training in the comercial diving because these provides extremely high demands on the physique and psyche of the diver. 

Inshore diving works are carried out mainly in our latitudes. Here the depths are mostly in 16,5 - 100ft (5 - 30m), in some cases these also go up to 195ft (60m). The absolute exceptions are up to 390ft (120m), which require specialized training in mixed gas diving.

Our services are in the range of Inshore:

  • UW-video documentation digitally (to 660ft (200m) depth, ROV support)
  • UW-core drilling
  • Places and mountains of navigation obstacles
  • UW-cutting and welding work
  • Mixed gas inserts to 390ft (120m)
  • Laying of geo-filtering and textile mats in hydraulic engineering
  • dredge-pump, separate and desanding
  • underwater-concrete-plate up to 132ft (40m) with gradient up to 10%
  • clamping work the revetment
  • Pumping and discharge
  • Diving construction
  • Injection works
  • Blasting and coating work
  • Respiratory protection works
  • Culvert control

  • Inspection / maintenance / repair work

  • Dams
  • Fountains
  • Sewage systems
  • Power plants
  • Port and fortifications
  • Smuggle
  • Docks and Piers
  • Ships
  • Yachts and Boats
  • Polder
  • Bridge Constructions

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