Swimming Pool

In the area of swimming pools and outdoor pools, we renew tiles and expansion joints, as well as core drillings for lamp inserts and pipe penetrations. In the following you can see work areas from the swimming pool renovation:

Tile replacement, expansion joint & core drilling

For reasons of cost and time, it is always necessary to replace tiles in swimming pools during operation, since depending on the size of the pool, replacing them in the dry is very costly. The exchange takes place during the night in order not to affect the running bathing operation. Center parks In the past, individual tiles were exchanged with silicone, but this exchange does not last long, as there is no permanent connection with the substrate.

These tiles can peel off again after a short time, depending on how much they are used. For this reason, we use a special resin that enables tiles to be swapped quickly and bathing operations to be resumed immediately, even under stress from bathers or waves. Furthermore, we give a guarantee on the replaced tiles, among other things. designed for: center parks, various recreational pools, swimming pools, or saunas.

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