About Aqua-Nautik:

Our company Aqua-Nautik was founded in February 2001 by experienced and professional divers. In October 2003 the company has been registered as Aqua- Nautik GmbH (Ltd.) and has been in the United States of America since 2017 as Aqua-Nautik Underwater work LLC.

Health and safety is always our priority and applies to all are carring out. We only use professional divers, which are specifically trained according to international standards. (HSE and ADCI Training Standards).

We are only using a high standard of profesional equipment and materials to fulfil our customer's but also our own requirements in quality. This will ensure to satisfy our customer's expectations and to keep Aqua-Nautik in mind as a trustable and reliable partner. For the convenience of our customers, we are offering a 24/7-full service. 

You're welcome to contact us for any issues and queries you might want to discuss.

Our operational equipment

  • diving helmets DSI/Kirby Morgan
  • Divex AH5 Helmet for contaminated water
  • 4,0 operational Vans technical completely equipped
  • 4,0 completely equipped diving container
  • ROV up to 656ft (200m)
  • different Diver Cases for sheet pile repair
  • semi-lowloader
  • Road-truck with Crane (75ft with load capacity of 2,646 lb)
  • multi-purpose working pontoons up to 1,914 yd2
  • dewatering- and separation system
  • digital UW-Video (Helmetcamera) with realtime connection to the surface
  • Ultrasonic wall-thickness measurement
  • different workboats
  • Diving/Surveyboat for shallow water


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