Remotely operated vehicle - ROV Seabotix – until 660ft (200m) water depth

See what happens underwater

We provide you the opportunity to get a feeling and a convincing overall picture about your complete underwater project. The visibility is secondary in reason we work with sonar. Any objects can be quickly detected, recorded and displayed on a screen.

The applications are diverse:

  • Yachts and Boats in different sizes
  • Cruise ships
  • Commercial Ports and Harbors
  • Search and Rescue
  • Research and Monitoring
  • Power Plants
  • Hydraulic Engineering
  • Yacht Insurer
  • Dams

Using a “Seabotix” will save costs and time compared that assignments can always be easily planned and coordinated at short notice.

Our Unit is equipped with:

  • Sonar,
  • Additional lights, serves to illuminate workplaces in dark environments
  • Laserscanning
  • Manipulator

Did we inspire your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Horizontal Scan

With Sonar exists the possibility to convincing the overall picture of your construction underwater. 

The different kind of sonar technique gives you the opportunity to visualize the details below the waterline.

If you need the big eye below the water, and you need more information, please let usknow.



With sector-scan you are able to produce horizontal-imagines as an overview from the bed of sea or following the diver during his work in real time. 

You can also make vertical-imagines of underwater-construction to know, what kind of damages still exists. 

Damages below the waterline aren’t longer secrets, it is possible to visualize them with the latest sonar technology.


Side-Scan Mattenkontrolle

With side-scan it’s possible to search effectively the bed of seas in large areas can bequickly located and detected wherever you are looking for. Furthermore it’s usable to control for any new installed constructions on the bed of sea. Our system is very effective with high resolution up to 1.600kHz in shallow water.

Side-Scan Hafendurchfahrt
Sector-Scan Gewässerboden

Sonar Survey - Is it really reasonable to do sonar records in an excavation pit? 

The excavation pit in Austria poses the developer in a lot of great challenges. The rocky ground made it difficult to create the strictly necessary finelevelling. In this case he required the use of exceptional technology. 

To locate the big rocks and bring them out with the cable excevator we installed the sector scan underwater and guided the grabber to right positon. So he could straight pick up the rocks and the diver could do the finelevelling without any rocks in her way. 

The sediments in the water weren’t any problem for the sonar survey. Furthermore the developer got documentations concerning the right installing of any anchor plates and anchors mounted in a ground of the pit and visuallys to the vertical concrete walls wehere safed the pit.

The sonar technology in any excavation pits gave all involved parties a great goodfeeling of safety concerning the situation underwater.

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