Barge rental, work and event barges

Rental of coupling barges

Small coupling barges for setting up to floating platforms in all sizes and lengths. Set up and Installing by our staff. 


  • Transportation
  • Dredging
  • Drilling barge with drilling gap
  • Bridges
  • Work
  • Event and advertising
  • Music, light and firework stages
  • and much more

If necessary, stability calculations can also be made.

Mass and loads
End barge with slope
Middle barge
length186 in         (4.725 mm)165 in     (4.200 mm)
width83 in          (2.100 mm)83 in       (2.100 mm)
height30 in          (770 mm)30 in       (770 mm)
weight2,755 lbs     (1.250 kg)2,645 lbs (1.200 kg)
load capacity when completely lowered9,700 lbs.    (4.400 kg)8,818 lbs (4.000 kg)
load capacity at 20cm freeboard 5,732 lbs    (2.600 kg)5,291 lbs  (2.400 kg)
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