Welding and cutting are underwater is indispensable, among other things at locks, docks, seawalls, bridges, structures, etc. 

On the following pages you can see some examples of cutting and welding work:

  • cutting work in the Main (Frankfurt am Main)
  • cutting work in Neuburg an der Donau
  • cutting work on a flooding pumping station
  • cutting work in Heinsberg
  • cutting work on a outlet structure
  • cutting work on pipelines
  • welding work in a sewage plant
  • welding work on a seawall

Cutting Sheet Piles

The sheet piling had to remain in the river bed as a scour protection system, so the cutting was made flush with the top of the concrete.

Brennarbeiten im Main (Frankfurt)

Cutting Sheet Piles 590ft (180m)

After the flood protection had been erected and the bottom stabilization was installed, the sheet pile wall could be cutted with the ground edge.

Brennarbeiten in Neuburg a. d. Donau

Cutting on a flood pump station

The sheet pile wall to be burned down here was rammed as a drying pit for a bridge pier repair. The water depth was around 1 ft (30cm), which is not exactly an advantage for performing to fulfill cutting work.

Brennarbeiten am Hochwasserpumpwerk

Cutting on a cool water outtake

In order to put the outlet channel into operation, the previously rammed sheet pile wall had to be cutted down, flush with the bottom level as scour protection.

Brennarbeiten in Heinsberg

Welding work on pipelines

The pipeline to be welded here had torn at a joint under water and was leaking. To ensure that the pipe is tight after the repair welding, we decided to dismantle the pipeline and bring the leak above water. After a successful seal weld, the pipeline was reassembled and put into operation.

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