Installation of the pipe packer in the extinguishing water tank

The latest assignment by the Aqua-Nautik Minden branch was about retrofitting the extinguishing water tank of a crude oil tank farm with manual access. 

Preparations for this order began months ago with an initial inspection appointment. This was followed by precise planning and risk assessment, taking into account which we were able to start checking and assembling the required equipment. Since it was not possible to enter the 1.8ft large opening of the extinguishing tank with an oxygen reserve bottle, the air supply system had to be modified over a distance of approx. 165ft. And this not only for a diver but also for a reserve diver, because he is a must for such an assignment. 

At Aqua-Nautik, the issue of safety always comes first and as a result, all safety standards and certifications required for this order have been provided. The day started for the AQUA-NAUTIK, under the direction of the diving masters Carsten Thörmer and Sergei Falk and their group of five divers, with a detailed safety briefing by the operations manager. The construction site was then set up. Access to the extinguishing tank system, which was 50 feet high, was a challenge. This is where the crane truck with its over 80ft long crane boom came into operation. He not only brought all the necessary work equipment to the extinguishing tank system but was also needed to lower the diver through the narrow opening into the tank. The diver first installed the pipe packer on the existing jacket manhole below the waterline inside the tank. 

The pipe packer was used to temporarily seal the connection. Without it, the subsequent installation of the extinguishing water withdrawal bar would not have been possible when the tank is full. In the meantime, an additional ROV inspection clarified the condition of the extinguishing water tank from the inside before the diver was able to dismantle the pipe packer again in his last dive.

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